Beautiful Board Books For The Pew By Jean Ann Sharpe

As a grandmother of three wiggly saints, I am always on the look-out for board books to read in the pew, especially those with sacred art illustrations. Jean Ann Sharpe has created two beautiful board books in her Teaching the Language of Faith series: The Saving Name of God the Son and God the Father's Loving Plan, both published by Bethlehem Books. Rebekah Tucker submitted The Saving Name of God the Father to our site (our third submission, I did a little dance of joy, thank you Rebekah). She writes:"This is an absolutely lovely board book, illustrated with the paintings of Fra Angelico, which tell the story of our Lord Jesus Christ in clear, beautiful language. I love it for my little ch

Gregory E. Zschomler’s Bayou Boys: Christian Hardy Boys Battle Crime And Superstition In Cajun Count

Are you looking for books to capture the interest of your sons? Look no further. The Bayou Boys adventure trilogy for ages ten to sixteen has everything a guy could wish for: fun, suspense, girls, food, movie trivia and even a little bathroom humor. They also have what parents wish for: guys who love Jesus, who pray and who act with courage and moral backbone. These books are sheer fun adventure books to boot and not at all preachy. They have that Hardy Boys feel to them but only on the surface. Underneath there is a lot more, even some Cajun recipes - imagine - in books for boys! I must admit, I would never have bought the Omnibus Collection of Bayou Boys, had I not met the author in person

St. Rosaline, pray for us.

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