The Golden Princess and the Moon: A Fairy Tale, A Great Catholic Novel

The young adult book market brims with fairy tale novels, mostly occult and twisted in content. These popular teen books undermine the foundations of our Christian culture luring kids to the demonic. If we want to renew Catholic culture, we need to provide fantasy worlds operating according to the truth of Catholicism.Deceptively simple at a first reading, The Golden Princess and the Moon fulfills this task with the power of a great work of literature. It deserves a more detailed review than I usually post here. Anna Maria Mendell has given the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty a history, a geography, and characters undergoing psychological development, creating a novel to satisfy the modern rea

Take A Peek: Two Marvelous Picture Books On Birds, Eggs, Insects And Fish

I brought home two picture books about the marvels of nature from the library because they were beautiful to look at. I took some photos for you to take a peek inside. These books appeal to lovers of nature and art. They will also make a wonderful addition to your homeschool science curriculum. Wonders of Nature: Explorations In the World Of Birds, Insects and Fish by Florence Guiraud is a big, beautiful book, jumbo-size 11 by 14 ½ inches, which truly explores the beauty of nature in art. Instead of presenting each species separately on a page, the author/illustrator populates the huge spreads of her book with the glorious variety of each genus. The bird section includes two-page paintings

St. Rosaline, pray for us.

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