Launching Adrastea, An Enthralling, Tolkien-Inspired, Young Adult Fantasy Novel (+Tutorial for Mommi

You may have noticed, dear readers, that I have not been posting very much lately. The reason is Adrastea, Princess of the antlered Cievo people in the World of Orbis. The Tolkien-inspired world of Orbis with its five races, the Cievo, the Humans, the Shefro, the Snow Sprites and the Elves, was created by our daughter Anastasia Vincent. Her suspenseful fantasy novel Adrastea, Book One in the Annals of Orbis, is about to be launched on, on April 5, 2020! Here's a synopsis from Anastasia's website Green Forest Press. Adrastea A Heroic, Tolkien-Inspired Page Turner for Young Adults Evil has entered Ellestar, royal city of the antlered Cievo people. The life of Adrastea, wilful and at

St. Rosaline, pray for us.

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