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The Story Of The Book: Nadia Is Featured In St. Mary's Messenger Catholic Children's Magazin

We are in the media! St.Mary's Messenger, a great Catholic Children's Magazine, has printed my interview with Nadia Olson, illustrator of

St. Rosaline, the Carthusian.

The article "Drawing For God" actually covers most of a two-page spread in the magazine.

St. Mary's Messenger was even considerate enough to add a red box announcing the book's availability on Amazon. Thank you, Kris Weipert and staff. In the interview, Nadia talks about her art, her family and about how she came to illustrate a book at age fourteen.

If you would like to read the article, subscribe to St. Mary's Messenger, a magazine for Catholic children ages 7-12. Yearly subscriptions of four

issues are now $19.95.

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