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Contemporary Teen Fiction: West Brothers Series and Chasing Liberty Trilogy by Theresa Linden

Good stories involving contemporary Catholic teens, the things they care about and struggle with, are rare indeed. Theresa Linden has given us two entire series of fascinating page turners for today's Catholic teens. Linden's books have received awards by the Catholic Press Association and by the Catholic Writer's Guild.

What's more - she is not afraid of writing about angels and demons fighting about teenage souls. Yes, as Catholics we do believe in them but it is hard to write about them without sounding like 'Twilight' fantasy. Linden has succeeded!

Roland West: Loner is the first book in the West Brothers series featuring shy Roland West and his confident older twin brothers who struggle with teen problems at River Run High School. The Communion of Saints and the supernatural forces of Good and Evil are always present throughout the plots.

Chasing Liberty is the first book in Theresa Linden''s dystopian trilogy which echoes George Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, two prophetic classics which should be read by everyone.

In Chasing Liberty, a totalitarian government in the near future controls the life of a young woman named Liberty. As a healthy, intelligent and beautiful specimen, she has been chosen to become a breeder. She is desperate to escape.

Theresa Linden is a self-published author: Congratulations!

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