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Infernal Journal: Exposing Our Blogger's Tempter

The Journal of Nightshade, Tempter Third Degree

March 20, Anno Inimici 2019

The patient is still blogging away on her website "Books For Catholic Kids" which is not getting too much traffic and doing little harm, thanks be to Our Father Below. However, there are some worrisome recent developments. There are a few new subscribers. She has found a blogger friend who has posted a link to her site which was then picked up by an ecclesial education department, may it sink into oblivion.

These small successes may seem harmless but one cannot be too careful. I have heard stories from Gallbladder about some of these nasty little mommy blogs suddenly becoming popular and doing irreparable damage.

Another problem is the emotional boost every small success brings to the patient’s pitiful mind. The discovery of one miserable new subscriber on her website at night gives the poor soul a boost for at least a week.

I suspect that her persistence has something to do with her prayers to that annoying agent of the Enemy, Rosaline, the Carthusian, may her name be deleted from all memory. The patient has taped a picture of that aggravating wench to her laptop which is disrupting our distraction efforts. How did the little vixen ever resurface from the forgotten annals of the Enemy’s history. I must have a word with Thickwicked who has allowed her story to slip into the consciousness of the patient’s husband and let him write that sanctimonious book, St.Rosaline, the Carthusian: The Saint With the Shining Eyes.

Thanks to the weakened state of the pitiful human race, the patient has caught one of the beautiful flu viruses currently harassing her part of the world. She has been disabled for at least two weeks. I shall make her believe that she has been sick forever and that she will never catch up with her work. It was a good idea to have her discover that interesting novel when she was cleaning up. By whispering into her ear that she deserved a break from her work, I skillfully maneuvered her into staying up late into the night reading. Now her sickness has intensified again from loss of sleep and she feels guilty for losing precious hours of work. Beautiful work, Nightshade, my love!

There, Rosaline, you little twerp, your prayers can’t hold a candle to this master tempter, thanks be to the fiery furnace. I don't like candles - fire, yes, candles, no!.

Any similarities of the above to the diabolical correspondence of a certain Screwtape are purely intentional.

Teens, have you read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis? If not, get to work. Screwtape is a demon writing to his nephew Wormwood who is in charge of tempting a newly converted Christian on earth. The book is not only a fun read, it can also function as a great examination of conscience.

Blessings on your Lenten labors!

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