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Best Orthodox Easter Books For Catholic Kids

Christ is Risen, Children by Svetlana Visotskaya, translated from the Serbian by Petar V. Sherovich, is another wonderful publication by the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral in the Library of St. Peter of Cetinye picture book series. I introduced one of their books in a previous post.

This beautifully illustrated book guides children through the Byzantine liturgical services from Forgiveness Vespers through Great Lent, Palm Sunday and Holy Friday to Pascha. Seen through the eyes of a young brother and sister, each liturgical event is described in simple, lyrical verse using the proper liturgical expressions. Serbian folk traditions also feature in the story such as releasing birds on the day of the Annunciation or the blessings of willow branches on Palm Sunday. Ages four and up.

Unfortunately, this treasure of a book is out of print and I have been unable to locate any copies online. You could try to find it via options on our Finding Books page. We bought our copy from Life and Light which is now Ancient Faith Publishing. They still carry a book by the publisher which the link leads to. I am planning to contact them and ask if they can get reprints of this book and others in this series. Perhaps you can, too.

May St. Rosaline bless your search!

Catherine's Pascha by Charlotte Wriggle, illustrated by R.J. Hughes, is another great Orthodox Easter book and this one is still available for purchase.

We experience the Paschal liturgy through the eyes of the girl Catherine and her disabled friend. As the parts of the service unfold, the illustrations transcend the boundaries of space. Each spread is encased in a different famous Orthodox church in a different city of the Orthodox world. This wonderful and ingenious presentation makes the catholicity of the Church visually present.

Ages four and up.

Pascha At the Duck Pond by Mother Melania Salem, illustrated by Cayce Halsell, is a Paschal animal fable told in bright and bold pictures which will delight young children. I love the expressions on the animal characters' faces.

The animals at the duck pond journey through Lent to Easter. Their attitudes towards Lenten practices are very recognizable. This lovely story is reminiscent of Aesop's classic fables and will enlighten readers of any age.

Ages four and up.

The Resurrection of Christ by Egle-Ekaterine Potamitis is part of the Potamitis Publishing Paterikon for Kids series . These are small sturdy books for the very young.

This book is illustrated by the author with colorful, dogmatically correct iconographic art accompanied by short descriptions in the proper liturgical language.

Icons are the perfect teaching tools. Just look at the cover illustration. You can ask your child who all those people may be or what Our Lord is doing to them, etc.

Ages three and up.

The Three-Day Pascha, another book by Mother Melania Salem, illustrated by Bonnie Gillis, is a combination of what used to be three separate books about Holy Friday, Holy Saturday and Holy Pascha respectively. Mother Melania's insightful poetry and the beautiful iconographic illlustrations complement one another perfectly.

Ages four and up.

Blessed Pascha!

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