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Kimberly Fries: Simple But Profound Books About The Catholic Faith For Young Children

Kimberly Fries is the author of the For Little Ones series of books about the Catholic Faith for young children. They are gorgeously illustrated by Sue Kouma Johnson with lots of bold color - no sentimentality here.

Fries has written a number of books about what one might consider advanced spiritual topics. She makes these topics accessible to young children in clear and simple words, exactly the right words, supported by quotes words from scripture, exactly the right quotes, or by prayers, exactly the right prayers.

One might be tempted to think what the author has done in these little books is quite ordinary and unremarkable, but only until one should try to imitate her. It is extremely difficulty to write simply.

I mostly admire her book Lectio Divina for Little Ones. Can you imagine the boldness of teaching this great spiritual practice to young children? In this book, Fries takes the child by the hand, metaphorically speaking, and tells him what to do, step by baby step. Each colorful page just has a few lines telling the young reader what to do. Sometimes this will be a prayer, sometimes a simple instruction such as" Call upon the Holy Spirit". Fries recommends this book for ages four to twelve, a wide age range. There is wisdom in this as each child will reach the level of maturity required for lectio divina at a different age.

Another prayer guide in the series is Guided Prayer For Little Ones.

There are two books about the sacraments: Receiving Jesus For Little Ones and Examination of Conscience For Little Ones. Another two books describe the devotions of Consecration to Mary and the Divine Mercy.

Kimberly Fries continues to create more books in her amazing series For Little Ones. Check her amazon author page which has some book trailers for a peek inside.

Thank you for stopping by. God bless you.

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