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Beautiful Board Books For The Pew By Jean Ann Sharpe

As a grandmother of three wiggly saints, I am always on the look-out for board books to read in the pew, especially those with sacred art illustrations. Jean Ann Sharpe has created two beautiful board books in her Teaching the Language of Faith series: The Saving Name of God the Son and God the Father's Loving Plan, both published by Bethlehem Books.

Rebekah Tucker submitted The Saving Name of God the Father to our site (our third submission, I did a little dance of joy, thank you Rebekah). She writes:"This is an absolutely lovely board book, illustrated with the paintings of Fra Angelico, which tell the story of our Lord Jesus Christ in clear, beautiful language. I love it for my little children to look at in Liturgy."

The best way to introduce young children to sacred art is taking them to a church full of it. The second best way is to have them read board books with art illustrations, preferably in the pew for double exposure. If you do this consistently, they will acquire a knowledge and appreciation of sacred art (and art in general) by osmosis.

The same is true for the Language of Faith, the title of this book series. Instead of omitting complex theological terms like plan of salvation or covenant, they are explained in simple words suitable for the very young. In this way, your child will internalize the correct and beautiful vocabulary of the Catholic Faith.

God the Father's Loving Plan is the second book in the Teaching the Language of the Faith Series. It talks about God, the Father's, loving interaction with mankind throughout salvation history. In this volume, beautiful Byzantine iconography by Roseanne Sharpe illustrates the text.

This full color book is available both as board book and as a larger paperback.

The Bethlehem Books site has book trailers for both books as well as an interview with the author and illustrator.

It is wonderful to find board books for very young children created with such sophisticated art and such depth of content.

You will find more books illustrated with sacred art in this post:

Thanks for stopping by, God bless you!

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