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Free Download: "A Week Away", A Tiny-Little-Steps Guide To Prepare Your Family For An Emergency

The beginning of our 2020/21 school year is marked by the COVID 19 pandemic and rioting in our cities. In these times of civil unrest, we all realize the importance of having a quick-to-pack family emergency kit ready for unforeseen events. If you are like me, you may also feel that assembling such a kit is a daunting task. Thus you procrastinate. What you need is someone to take you by the hand and show you that the job can be done in tiny little steps, in minutes a day.

Sylvia Dorham asks the question: "What will you need if your family has to spend a week away from home?" Inspired by the famous Fly Lady, Maria Cilley, Sylvia Dorham has compiled an ingenious manual which eliminates any further excuse to put off this vital task. Even better, she has generously made this guide available for free on this blog (scroll down to the end of this review). It even includes many handy and beautiful printables! Thank you and God bless you, Sylvia.

Why does assembling an emergency kit for your family seem such a daunting task? One reason is the overloaded brain modern moms have to think with. Another project to plan in your life full of projects just seems too much. Then there is the financial aspect. If you have a family, you may not be able to afford to set aside an extra set of blankets, coats and boots for a crowd of people.

Sylvia Dorham has found a solution to both problems. The Control Journal is a notebook or binder containing vital family information and packing lists. The lists tell each family member what to grab when the need arises. They are graded by urgency: ten minutes, a few hours, a week away. In case of an impending earthquake or a tidal wave , there is a packing list restricted to the most essential. When we have more time, let’s say the family is asked to assist an ailing grandparent, we can use more comprehensive lists to take make us more comfortable.

The Control Journal eliminates the need for planning at a stressful time and will prevent panic. As the author points out, a calm, in-control mom will have a calming effect on the family. The Control Journal can also be a lifesaver for dads when mom is off the job. I'm thinking especially of child birth.

A Week Away guides you through the process of assembling your Control Journal, along with your Bag of Power containing basic supplies to grab in a hurry. You will also assemble individual kits for smaller items to keep ready and packing lists for larger items that are too expensive to double up on.

If you follow Sylvia Dorham’s tiny-little-steps instructions, you will be well prepared with a ready-to-grab Control Journal, a set of kits and packing lists. All items will be customized for your family's needs. You will have done your part to prepare for a week away. Print out your free copy of A Week Away and leave the rest to Our Lord.

A Week Away
Download PDF • 2.33MB


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