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Guest Review: "The Light" Series for Young Adults by Jacqueline Brown"

This guest review of The Light series by Jacqueline Brown was submitted by our reader Nick. I read the first book in this series and enjoyed it very much. Apart from being a compelling read, action with a strong romance component, it shows young adults what life could will be like after an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) has struck. This is important information! It is hard to realize, for our kids and also for ourselves, what our comfortable lives would be like without electricity.

This is Nick's review of The Light series by Jacqueline Brown:

"Ms. Brown's excellently written series is an immersive adventure through the terrible evil of desperate men, the profound charity of simple people, and the transformative power of redemption and faith offered to all. This story is an epic tale of survival appropriate for adults and young adults. The plot features a small group of college friends who are en route to Florida for Spring Break, when a sudden flash lights up the night...after which all electronics are rendered instantly useless. The friends endeavor to survive and protect each other in the midst of this electromagnetic pulse attack, with the world they knew suddenly gone, replaced by anarchic chaos. The characters quickly encounter a Catholic family which provides help and guidance, leading them to new, internal journeys. These books are filled with action, mystery, tastefully presented romance, and conversion. I especially appreciate that the author makes the Catholic Faith a natural element in the story. It does not feel preachy or simplistic, and the author does not shy away from portraying the brokenness of Christians, and the suffering they must continue to deal with, despite the consolation of Faith. The inclusion of these internal, religious analyses lifts the story from being just a good adventure to being an incredible opportunity for the reader to engage in his own internal reflection, struggle, and conversion. I would rate this entire series 5/5 stars and would especially recommend it to teenagers and young adults, as a way of engaging them in an honest internal discussion about the relevance of the Catholic Faith and the virtues, not only in times of extraordinary struggle, but in the ultimate outcomes of our day to day choices. I don't believe I have ever seen another Catholic author tackle an action story like this with such a successful and organic inclusion of the Catholic Faith into the story. I cannot recommend these books highly enough! Recommended age range: mature teens/high school students and up. Cautions: These stories are tastefully written, but be warned that the author does not shy away from exploring good and evil in a time of lawlessness. There are scenes of violence including lethal self defense, murder, and abuse. There are references to rape and prominent moral reflections on abortion and the value of innocent human life. The author also explores moral questions regarding sexuality; she is not graphic/crude, but a part of some of the characters' growth/conversion is an internal shift in perspective about the value of their own bodies and sexuality. I think this element of the story is handled exceptionally well, and though it does require parental judgement, I think these books are a good way to engage teenagers with these moral questions in a manner that leads toward a healthier, more truly integrated and Catholic understanding of human sexuality."

Thank you for your thorough review, Nick!


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