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Board Books

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Books are listed alphabetically by author. Click here for selection criteria:





  • Carle Eric: The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Philomel Books, 1994.

  • Groves, Julia: Animal Babies In the Meadow, 2016.

                               Animal Babies In the River, 2016.

Catholic Faith:

Little People:

  • Hughes, Shirley: Alfie: Alfie Gets In First, Red Fox, 2016.



  • Wollenmann, Randy:Francis and the Animals, Aquinas Press, 2012.

Lift The Flap Books:

  • Velthuis, Max: Where Is Frog? 2017.


  • Zuckermann, Andrew: Creature Colors, 2014

  • Rick, Ranger: My First Book Of Animal Opposites, 2014.

  • Wilson, Karma illustrated by Jane Chapman: Bear Counts, 2017.

  • Riggs, Kate, illustrated by Fiammetta Dogi: Crowds Of Creatures, 2017

Songs and Poems:

  • Hopkins, Gerard Manley, illustrated by Glencora Pipkin: Pied Beauty: A Children's Book, 2015, board book with text of the poem and word explanations. 


  • Hall, Hannah, illustrated by Steve Whitlow: God Bless You & Good Night, Thomas Nelson, 2013.

  • Isaacs, Angela, illustrated by Nicholas Malara,: Goodnight Jesus, Ancient Faith Publishing, 2016.

  • Jones, Sally Lloyd, illustrated by Tracy Moroney: Lift the Flap Bible, SFI Reader Link, reprint 2011.

  • Deneux, Xavier, translated by Leslie Matthews : Hail Mary. Eerdman’s Books for Young Readers, 2006.

  • DeYoung, Andrew J and Naomi Joe: Lift the Flap: Bible Stories For Young Children, Bearning Books, 2018.

  • Bus , Sabrina, illustrated by Xavier Deneux: Our Father, Eerdman's Books for Young People, 2006.

                                                                                     Hail Mary, Eerdman's Books for Young People, 2006

  • Isaacs, Angela, illustrated by Amadine Wanert: I Pray Today, 2018. About the Jesus Prayer..


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