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Saint Rosaline, the Carthusian: the Saint With the Shining Eyes, is a beautiful children’s picture book about St. Rosaline of Villeneuve, the daughter of a great noble house of Provence in medieval France who became a Carthusian nun at age seventeen and who is revered as a Saint.

The Carthusians live hidden, contemplative lives and do not advertise their Saints. Little is known about St. Rosaline. What little is known of her shows her as a model of true Christian living which we believe today’s children should learn about just as they learn about Mother Teresa of Calcutta or St.Francis of Assisi. While these great Saints performed feats of holiness for all the world to see, St. Rosaline spent most of her life alone in her cell in a cloistered monastery where she performed feats of the spirit.

It is difficult to talk about the spiritual life to children. In their book, Mark has found the words and Nadia the pictures to show the adventure of the life of the spirit which a very young noble woman embarked on 700 years ago and lived to the fullest. The Carthusian life has always been a calling to a few chosen children of God.   Fewer follow this calling today. May this book help many children get to know and love St. Rosaline and the Carthusian life of prayer, this life  which is of the utmost importance to the health of our world.

St. Rosaline , the Carthusian:The Saint With the Shining Eyes is available on

Kindle : $ 1.99

Paperback: $ 8.95

A look inside with some samples of Nadia Olson's beautiful illustrations:

Background information about the book:

March 13, 2018

The Charterhouse of the Transfiguration is the only Carthusian Monastery in North America. Visit their website to learn more about this hidden order. Click on the picture to download a PDF of the booklet Carthusian Saints which inspired Mark to write a book about St. Rosaline. There are other booklets about the Carthusians available for download on the site.  Click the button to read blog posts with information about the Carthusians.

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