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Young Adult Books

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Books are listed alphabetically by author within their categories. Click here for s election criteria:



This list contains some books with content for mature, older teens. This may include violence, demonic activity and non-graphic sex. However, these subjects will be treated in an appropriate manner for Catholics and be valuable as a warning of what sinful activity can lead to. We believe that our young adults need truthful information on the evil present in the world to counteract the misleading presentation of these subjects in most of today’s secular young adult literature. An asterix at the end of the entry is a warning about mature content.

The first date in an entry is the publication date. The second date indicates the historical period the story is set in for your  convenience in curriculum planning.

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Animal Stories:


  • Moody Ralph: Come On, Seabiscuit, 1963. Great Depression.

  • Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan: The Yearling,1938. Florida backwoods, 1930s.

  • Suares, Jean Claude, editor: The Literary Cat, 1977. A compilation of writings about cats by famous authors.

World History:

Life in America:

  • Aldrich, Bess Streeter: A Lantern In Her Hand, 1928. Early Nebraska Pioneers, 1850s.

  • Berry Wendell: Jayber Crow, 2001. Small town Kentucky, 1930s to 70s.

                                  Hannah Coulter, 2005. Same time and place as above.

                                  Nathan Coulter,  1960. Same as above.   

Fairy Tales, new interpretations:

  • Doman, Regina: The Shadow of the Bear, 2008. Snow White  and Rose Red in New York City.

  • Mendell, Anna Maria: The Golden Princess and the Moon: A Retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Angelico Press, 2016.

  • Yolen, Jane: Snow in Summer, 2013. Snow White in the Appalachians.


                                A Cold Wind (Erdemen Honor Series 2), 2013.

                                Honor's Heir (Erdemen Honor Series 3), 2014.

  • Funke, Cornelia: Ink Heart Trilogy. Scholastic, 2004.

  • Tolkien, J.R.R: The Hobbit,  1934.

                               The Fellowship of the Ring, 1937.

                               The  Two Towers, 1937.

                               The Return of the King, 1937.

Legend and  Myth:




  • Brown, Jacqueline: The Light, 2016. Book 1 of 5. Young adults experience conversion to Catholicism in the aftermath of an EMP attack. Sequels: Through the Ashes, From the Shadows, Into the Embers, Out of the Darkness.

  • Linden, Theresa: Chasing Liberty, 2015, Book 1 of 3. A young woman named Liberty seeks freedom in a USA under environmentalist  totalitarianism. Sequels: Testing Liberty, Fight for Liberty.

Young People Today:

  • Cahill, Thomas: A Saint on Death Row, 2009. Texas today.

  • Doman, Regina: The Shadow Of the Bear . Regina Doman, 2008.

  • Farasiotis, Dionysios: The Gurus, the Young Man and the Elder Paisios,  2009 * Demonic Encounters in India and Greece..

  • Johnson , Abby: Unplanned, 2010. Conversion of Planned Parenthood Clinic Director

  • O’Brien, Michael D.: The Fool Of New York City . Ignatius, 2016. Story of a modern young Fool for Christ saving a lost young man.

  • Saada, Tass: Once an Arafat Man: The True Story Of How a PLO Sniper Found a New Life, 2010. Middle East, USA today.

  • Salzman, Mark: Iron and Silk, 1987. Young American teaches English and studies Kung Fu in 1982 China.

Adventure/ Wilderness Survival:

  • Meader, Stephen W.:  Traplines North. SouthernSkies, 1956.

  • Van Der Post, Laurens: A Story Like the Wind and sequel A Far Off Place. A Harvest Book, Harcourt, 1972. Botswana, Namibia, 1960s


  • Gallico, Paul: The Snowgoose, 1941. England , World War II, Dunkirk.

Saints And Holy People, Historical or Fictional:

Catholic or Orthodox Faith:

  • Houselander, Caryll: The Dry Wood,1947. London, 1940s.

  • Palmer, Constantina: A Scent of Holiness . Greece today.

  • Tikhon, Archimandrite:  Everyday Saints and Other Stories, 2012. Russia, 1980s/90s.

  • Widmer, Andreas: The Pope and the CEO, 2011. Vatican/USA, 1987-2011.

Westerns/Mountain Men

  • L’Amour, Louis: Sackett Novels:

  •                             Ride the River, 1983. Echo Sackett, 1840s-50s, Cincinnati to Smoky Mountains.

  •                             The Daybreakers, 1960. Tyrel and Orrin Sackett,  Mountains to New Mexico, 1870-72.

  •                             Sackett, 1961. William Tell Sackett,  Sangre De Cristos Mountains, Colorado, New Mexico, 1874-5.

  •                             Lando, 1962.  Orlando Sackett, Tennessee Mountains to Mexico, 1873-5.

  •                             Mojave Crossing, 1964. William Tell Sackett, Mojave Desert, California, 1875-9.

  • McClung, Robert M.: Hugh Glass, Mountain Man, 1990. 1853.

  • Wister, Owen: The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plains, 1902. Wyoming territory , 1880s.

Manga/Graphic Novels/Comics:

Science  in Stories:


  • Page, Phillip and Marilyn Pettit: Picture This Shakespeare: Macbeth, 2005. Graphic novel with excerpts of original text.

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