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Grand Opening: Books For Catholic Kids

Welcome to The Story Of A Book blog and to the Books For Catholic Kids website.

The website’s title should speak for itself. You will find a definition of what we consider good books for Catholic kids which is not necessarily the same as books written by Catholic authors. You will find strategies and links to help you build a library for your children. You will find lists of books according to age group. We would love it if you could contribute to these lists to build a huge bibliography for parents and kids to choose from.

On a separate page, we are introducing St. Rosaline, the Carthusian: The Saint With the Shining Eyes, a children’s picture book written by Mark Vincent and illustrated by Nadia Olson. This book, entirely homemade, is the reason for this site. We admit it up front: This website is a marketing stunt to promote our book. Take a peek inside. We hope you will like it. We hope you will purchase a copy – or two. We hope you will tell your friends about it. We hope you will link to this website or our facebook page. We hope you will subscribe to our blog. May God bless you. May St.Rosaline bless you.

The blog is a journal of the making and the marketing of the book. In telling the story of our book, we share our successes and our mistakes hoping to inspire you to self publish your own book. There will also be plenty of talk about good books and bookish things.

We hope you will enjoy our foolhardy journey.

Imagine the challenge - to market a Catholic picture book about an obscure medieval French nun, written by an unknown, intensely Catholic author, illustrated by a fourteen-year-old girl without art training. With God all things are possible. This is the journal of how it is going to happen...

…and here is our marketing battle cry:

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