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C.J. Brightley: Wholesome and Beautiful Christian Fantasy

I am always happy to find self-published authors of wholesome teen literature. C.J. Brighley is a Christian author of several fantasy series. Visit her website!

The King's Sword is the first book in the Erdeman Honor series.

“A noble and delicate tale of honor and duty, wisdom and generosity and the long journey for a boy to become a mature man.”

Brighley's website offers generous excerpts of this book and its two sequels, A Cold Wind and Honor's Heir.

Another interesting contribution by this author is a three volume fantasy anthology: Still Waters, Shards, Fell Beasts and Fair featuring new authors of classic fantasy: "Noblebright fantasy is fantasy with a thread of hope even in the darkest hour, with characters who strive to do the right thing, even when it costs them everything."

I will submit a purchase request to our local library for these. They are a resource to be shared with the public.

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