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"Ecsodus Vision" by Deacon Patrick Jones: An Out-Of-This World Pro-Life Adventure for Young Adults

Be amazed by Ecsodus Vision, the second young adult novel by Deacon Patrick Jones! This book is as extraordinary as his previous novel Defend the Tabernacle, taking the reader into a parallel universe again, but in a different way. This time, the author explores the possibility of a thoroughly Catholic society whose citizens live in joyful obedience to God’s will, in large families. Against this background, the sin and irrationality of abortion becomes blatantly obvious. Aware of the psychology of our fallen race, Deacon Patrick exposes the sinful clichés of our time with suspense, humor, and SciFi adventure, while painlessly slipping in a healthy dose of apologetics. Be prepared for a house that talks like a butler, for a guardian angel with wrinkles, for attacks by Muslim spaceships, and for Saint Martin Luther.

Ecsodus Vision is a prolife book – and so much more! Ida and Simon, a young married couple, find that Ida is pregnant. They are considering abortion because they fear the baby will bring disruption to their lives.

During the night, the couple is transported into a vision. They find themselves in an alternative world, occupying the same time and place in history they started out from. They awake in a big house, belonging to the large, devout Catholic family Ida never had. Simon and Ida are embraced by a loving, multi-generational family whose day is structured by prayer and graceful interaction among family members of all ages.

The vision world is technologically far advanced. Mankind has colonized space and travels easily in gravity cars. How this has come about is explained by the pivot theory, a concept assuming that one single crucial choice made by an individual can significantly alter and improve the entire course of history.

Ida and Simon, shocked and frightened, are presented with the choice of returning to their own world or to stay and learn. They are given this cryptic message: “You are here to learn the price of one overbearing father’s sin in the hope that you may together choose to prevent the sin of one overbearing mother.”p.13

Deacon Patrick takes on two of the soul and relationship destroying clichés of our time, the strong independent woman and the cowardly man who shirks responsibility. During the unfolding adventure, which is engaging, highly catechetical and oftentimes funny, Ida, the angry feminist and Simon, her acquiescent husband, learn about the consequences of sin and the wonderful fruits of humble obedience.

They discover the beauty and logic of God’s law in fascinating dialogues with Ida’s siblings and in-laws. These dialogues, inspired by Catholic Tradition, lead Ida and Simon to discover the truth for themselves. Ideas are presented through unusual and eye-opening analogies. I especially like the comparison of man’s obedience to God with the planets’ obedience to gravity. Reading these discussions will arm young adult readers with convincing, easy-to-remember, apologetic arguments ready to use when called upon to defend the Faith.

People in the vision world, are trained to debate in a calm, respectful manner. They closely observe the reaction of their conversation partners, reflecting on the emotional impact of their words. They follow a debating protocol to insure they bring home their message with respect and love. This wise protocol is another tool readers may take away and use when engaging the culture.

Learning from their vision family members, Ida and Simon discover the truth of the Catholic Faith, and decode the cryptic message. They awake from their vision with joy, ready to start a family in humble obedience to the will of God.

On a side note, Deacon Patrick offers a solution to our overpopulation “problem”- space colonies! His message is clear. If we follow the will of God, He will take care of us.

Ecsodus Vision is a short, thoroughly entertaining read, packed with catechetical weaponry for our kids’ spiritual warfare.

Visit Deacon Patrick’s website Shepherds and Halos for more stories about Ida and Simon.

Read my review of Defend the Tabernacle.

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